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MUTEXMutually Exclusive
MUTEXMutual Exclusion
MUTEXMutation and Testing
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The possible sCPUi events are: timer interrupts (TEvi), watchdog timer (WDEvi), two interrupts used for preventive signaling of the deadline (D1Evi and D2Evi), attached interrupts (IntEvi), mutexes used for handling shared resources (MutexEvi), synchronization and inter-task communication events between sCPUi (SynEvi), self-sustaining execution information for the current sCPUi (lr_run_sCPUi).
For the structurally symmetric mutex and ncd matrices, we used the graph of A, and for the other matrices we used the graph of A + [A.sup.T] as mentioned in Section 4.
class graph { private: lock mutex; int value, sum; graph *left; graph *right; public: void visit(int); void parallel_visit(int); }; void graph: :visit(int p) { this->paralle1_visit (p); wait(); } void graph: :parallel_visit(int p) { mutex.acquire(); sum = sum + p; mutex.release(); if (left != NULL) spawn(left->parallel_visit(value)); if (right != NULL) spawn(right->parallel_visit(value)); The transitions from serial to parallel execution and from parallel back to serial execution take place inside the visit operation.
For these experiments, the value of N in the Mutex example was taken to be 14 and the value of P was assigned the values P = 14, 13, 8, 1.
A common technique for preventing race conditions uses mutual exclusion mechanism like semaphores or mutex variables.
Since the receiving and sending of packet are handled in different cores usually, which causes the problems of mutex exclusion and cache coherence, Han et al.
For the dam-break model, the number of atomic operations is very small, with no extra mutex overhead, so OpenMP gets the upper hand.
After executing operation 2-1, cores 1 and 2 are synchronized using a mutex [16], and then operation 2-2 is performed.
* Color-coded Status Lines-visual representation mark time periods to depict threads that are "Ready," "Suspended," or "Terminated," with different colors to quickly indicate the type of suspension (mutex, semaphore, etc.)