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On March 10 Havas stated that Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian envoys had in the name of their respective governments congratulated the government of France on its success in the ongoing negotiations with Great Britain, it also referred to the communique of February 3 and to the interest the Baltic states had shown for the conclusion of a mutual assistance pact. (95) Fearing that Berlin and Warsaw would interpret the announcement of Havas as an anti-German and anti-Polish proclamation, the Estonian foreign ministry hurriedly declared that Estonia had not taken a stand regarding the proposed agreement, and that it had not changed its attitude toward the project of the Eastern Pact.
Nevertheless, Soviet envoy Ustinov continued to push Seljamaa into officially declaring Estonia's stand in regard of the mutual assistance pact. (100) The reaction of the Latvian government to the Soviet proposal was identical to that of Estonia, while stating that the "actions of Estonia and Latvia should be similar and coordinated".
(115) Several Lithuanian diplomats like Jurgis Baltrusaitis, the envoy to the Soviet Union, and Petras Klimas, the envoy to France, encouraged the Lithuanian government to conclude the proposed mutual assistance pact. (116)
Analyzing the Soviet proposal, Munters pointed out that it had been compiled in ambiguous form with a purpose to gain a better prospect for the conclusion of the French-Soviet mutual assistance pact. On the other hand Urbsys stated that concluding a mutual assistance pact would after all provide a certain kind of guarantee and therefore Lithuania would be ready to sign such an agreement.
On April 17 Litvinov and Laval met in Geneva and agreed in principle to conclude the proposed mutual assistance pact.
It was concluded that the proposed mutual assistance pact would introduce a Soviet protectorate over the Baltic states and provide the Soviet Union with the right of passage for their troops to the Balticum whenever they decided to claim that the independence of these states was being jeopardized.
On May 2, 1935 the Mutual Assistance Pact between France and the Soviet Union was signed in Paris.
Before the opening of the conference, the foreign ministers of Estonia and Latvia were taken by surprise by Lozoraitis who announced that on May 4 the Soviet government had retracted its proposal to the Baltic states for participation in the mutual assistance pact because the Baltic states had not immediately accepted the proposal.
Lithuania had almost immediately declared the Eastern Pact unconditionally acceptable and was ready to sign a mutual assistance pact with the Soviet Union.
On May 2 and 16 the concluded mutual assistance pacts between the Soviet Union and France and between Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia only touched upon the military conflicts in Europe and only in case the victim-state was one of the participants in the agreement, while not influencing the earlier treaties of France with other states.
In the summer of 1935 the international communist movement gave its blessing to the concluded mutual assistance pacts of the Soviet Union.
The attitude of the Lithuanian government in the matter of the Soviet-French and Soviet-Czechoslovakia mutual assistance pacts was different from those of the Estonian and Latvian governments.
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