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mDPMini DisplayPort (digital interface)
mDPMonnaie de Paris (French: Paris Mint; Paris, France)
mDPMot de Passe (French: Password)
mDPMarkov Decision Process (artificial intelligence)
mDPMunicipal Development Programme (various locations)
mDPMaryland Department of Planning
mDPManagement Development Program
mDPMécanisme de Développement Propre (French: Clean Development Mechanism; Kyoto Protocol)
mDPModem Distribution Panel
mDPMicrosoft Developer Project
mDPMulti Disc Programme
mDPMultimedia Direct Playing
mDPmethylene diphosphonate
mDPMulti-Disciplinary Practice (law)
mDPMinistry of Defence Police (UK)
mDPMaster Development Plan
mDPMarine Debris Program (US NOAA)
mDPMillennium Democratic Party (South Korea)
mDPMulticast Dissemination Protocol
mDPMajor Development Project
mDPMask Data Preparation
mDPMalawi Democratic Party
mDPMeter Data Provider (energy; Australia)
mDPMonocyte-Dendritic Cell Progenitors
mDPMotor Driven Pump
mDPMarkov Decision Problem
mDPMarketing Data Platform (data warehousing)
mDPMadison Dearborn Capital Partners
mDPMailpiece Design Professional (course; USPS)
mDPMain Distribution Panel
mDPModern Data Products (California)
mDPManic Depressive Psychosis
mDPMaximum Design Pressure
mDPMember Discount Program (various organizations)
mDPMidpines (Amtrak station code; Midpines, CA)
mDPMessage Driven Processor
mDPMicroenterprise Development Program (various locations)
mDPMarvel Database Project
mDPMouvement pour la Democratie et le Progress (Comoros)
mDPMetropass Discount Plan (Canada)
mDPMultidimensional Data Provider
mDPMaximum Drive Pulse (Diesel Injection Technology)
mDPMeal Delivery Program
mDPMovement Disorders Program (Kennedy Krieger Institute)
mDPMusician Digital Portfolio
mDPMiddle Deemed Primary (UK)
mDPMother of Divine Providence (King of Prussia, PA)
mDPMutual Defence Pact
mDPMarket Development Partner (Microsoft)
mDPMagnetic Drive Pump
mDPMission Data Processing
mDPMaintenance Data Panel
mDPMobile Data Peripheral
mDPMission Display Processor
mDPMeteorological Datum Plane
mDPMaster's of Development Practice (degree)
mDPMexicano Del Pacifico (railroad)
mDPMort de Peur (French: Fear of Death)
mDPManagement Data Provider
mDPMission Data Processing Subsystem
mDPMagellan Data Provider (Sprint - ATM)
mDPMaladaptive and/or Destructive Pleasure
mDPMultidimensional Dynamic Programming
mDPMaster Display Panel
mDPMultiple Descriptions Problem
mDPModulator/Demodulator Predictor
mDPMaster Data Package
mDPMultiplexing Data Processor
mDPMulticast Diffusion Protocol
mDPMaintainability Demonstration Plan
mDPMarshaled Deployability Posture (STADEPS)
mDPMajor Defense Program
mDPMUVI Data Processor
mDPMessage Dispatching Process
mDPMilitary Duty Personnel
mDPMulti-Destination Protocol
mDPManagement Directives and Practices
mDPMotores del Pacífico (Spanish: Pacific Motors)
mDPMIMIC Display Panel
mDPMetrics Data Platform
mDPMedia Distribution Processor
mDPMission Design Panel (US NASA)
mDPMoving/Movable Deformable Barrier
mDPMaximum Delivery Potential
mDPMaster Design Plan
mDPMultidimensional Demographic Process
mDPMaster Design Package
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Although it is not a mutual defence pact, "it does confer a variety of military and financial advantages that otherwise are not obtainable by non-Nato countries".
State-centred arrangements on security cooperation and warding off aggression or intervention from outside, notably in and around the constitution of a Mutual Defence Pact, have therefore been a key feature in the evolution of regional security.
Instead, vital hard-core military issues are the ones that have helped institutionalise the Mutual Defence Pact under SIPO.
Britain has the "Special Relationship," Canada has NORAD and NAFTA, Australia has a mutual defence pact, and soon a free trade deal, and New Zealand is next in line.
This increase in German militarism naturally worried the French and British, who entered into the Entente Cordiale - a mutual defence pact which also drew in France's traditional ally, Russia.
Muir accuses Putnam of "a peculiarly American reconstruction of Italian history" that "prizes the Italian past only insofar as it can be shown to lead to the triumph of republican institutions and democratic," thereby overlooking the fact that the first communes in Italy "were certainly not democracies," but a kind of mutual defence pact that generally "collapsed in distrust and violence, were absorbed by more powerful cities, or succumbed to petty tyrants" (p.
Nato marks its 65th anniversary with a dramatic refocusing on its core mission of protecting the democracies of the North Atlantic through a powerful mutual defence pact.
It has adopted a number of relevant declarations, agreements and protocols, such as the Mutual Defence Pact and, more importantly in the case of Zimbabwe, the SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections in 2004 (with Zimbabwe undertaking to conduct its 2005 elections in accordance with these principles and guidelines).
Apart from the fact that the impasse in the OPDS was eventually overcome during the SADC Summit in 2001, another positive step has been the adoption of a Mutual Defence Pact in 2003.
The newly-created Rapid Reaction Force doesn't involve a mutual defence pact, and Ireland can refuse to send soldiers on any operation.
They want a further constitutional amendment ruling out any future involvement in a mutual defence pact.
Saudi Arabia said it had responded to a call for help from its neighbour under a mutual defence pact of the six-member GCC.