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MUEVMutual Event (lip sync technology)
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Since the form of the lightcurve outside of eclipse/ occultation is relatively complex, this has been subtracted by Petr Pravec from the raw lightcurve to produce Figure A2, which depicts the contribution arising from the mutual event alone.
For instance, professional astronomers recorded eclipses of Amalthea during the marvelous series of mutual events among the Galilean satellites from September 2014 to June 2015.
During a press conference, organized by the SCTA and the Japanese Embassy yesterday at the National Museum, the Charge D'affaires at the Japanese Embassy in the Kingdom, Katsuhiko Takahashi said that the exhibition comes within a series of mutual events and activities between the Kingdom and Japan in the framework of their close relationships in various fields, noting that human communication and movement of cultural exchange between the peoples of the two countries have contributed to the development and strengthening of their relationship.
trainings, and other mutual events between these agencies.
While taking photographs of weddings, boroughs and mutual events I could see the closeness of the communities.
He drew attention to the current series of mutual events of Jupiter's satellites, allowing observation of occultations and eclipses in the system.
Dickinson seems to focus on contrasting perspectives about mutual events.
The next series of mutual events won't start until 2020, when Jupiter begins to reach the opposite side of its 12-year orbit.
Standard photometric reduction can then be used on lightcurves of extended events, such as mutual events between planetary satellites, or to determine occultation times.
Mutual events now happening among the satellites themselves are listed on the facing page.
Listed below are the deepest mutual events that will be visible from at least part of North America: those where the shadowed satellite, or the blend of two during a mutual occultation, will fade by at least 0.