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As users in different groups will be served in orthogonal resource blocks, the mutual interference between users in different groups is assumed 0; thus, the multiuser sum rate can be calculated as
Since the channel condition and the mutual interference mainly hinge on distance, we will determine an interference limited area (ILA) for each potential D2D pair based on the distance between cellular users and the potential D2D pair, outside of where the cellular users in [I.sub.j] are located.
The trend among AP equipment manufacturers has been to stress larger link distances and faster maximum data throughput rates--both of which can lead to greater mutual interference. In a market that reads greater range and speed as better performance, this trend may be counterproductive for many consumers: In a crowded room, everyone shouting makes conversation harder, not easier.
While the altruistic utility function design reduces the mutual interference, we are also interested in the performance of Nash equilibrium strategy in terms of the throughput of each cluster as well as the whole system.
where x and y are the sizes of the prey and predator populations, respectively, and m is mutual interference constant; see [15,16] for more details on the biological meaning of mutual interference constant m.
The simulation results show that the new algorithm can minimize the mutual interference between BSS and ensure the maximum of throughput based on QoS in BSS and can also effectively improve the system performance.
The study looked at the mutual interference between job and family demands.
In this paper we attempt to introduce multi-path routing combined with adaptive carrier sense range thus minimizing mutual interference caused by neighboring nodes still keeping low level of collision rate.
This means that the configuration of the different applications and network settings (IP addresses, etc) can be a lot easier, because there is no mutual interference between the Secure LANs (SLANs).
The scale used to measure work-family conflict was constructed to assess work interference with family, family interference with work, and mutual interference between work and family.
Another new feature is the Multiplex switching mode that enables up to 10 UM30-2 sensors to be connected to measure large areas, with integrated phase switching to prevent mutual interference and false switching.
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