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use of the same links) of cellular users and D2D pairs to avoid strong mutual interference.
The trend among AP equipment manufacturers has been to stress larger link distances and faster maximum data throughput rates--both of which can lead to greater mutual interference.
In this paper an analysis of the co-existence of primary services is presented, focusing on the study of mutual interference between DVB T broadcasting and 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile systems.
According to the principal component analysis, three factors were derived, which left nine questions; of which three were about family interference with work, two were on work interference with family, and four on mutual interference between work and family.
The final rail layout at the bottom chamber will allow trains from both of the tunnels to discharge almost without mutual interference.
account the mutual interference of each mobile unit with all the others.
The SU16 also features self-diagnostic LEDs and weak signal outputs, as well as mutual interference protection for enhanced detection stability and performance reliability.
To date, the US has worked consistently to prevent the EU going ahead with Galileo on the grounds that it is unnecessary, that it has the potential for mutual interference with the latest enhanced variant of military GPS, that it can not be shut down by the Pentagon and that it has the potential to adversely affect US GPS equipment manufacturers.
For extremely large targets, several sensors can be mounted side by-side without causing mutual interference.
The SEPS can be used individually or in group s without mutual interference.
His model predicts the slopes of log-log regressions between two consecutive trophic levels in a four-level system as follows: m/(1 - m) between producers and herbivores, (1 - m)/m between herbivores and carnivores, and m between carnivores and top-carnivores, where m is the coefficient of mutual interference for the top carnivores (see Hassell-Varley equation in Table 1).
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