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MIntMensa International
MIntMexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey (economies)
MIntMint Is Now Tos
MIntMobile Information and Network Technologies
MIntMultiprocessor Interrupt Controller
MIntMinistry of the Interior
MIntMolecular Interaction
MIntMathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaften, Technik (German: mathematics, computer science, science and technology)
MIntMalaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology Research
MIntMinT Is Not TOS (Atari open source operating system)
MIntCenter for Materials for Information Technology (University of Alabama)
MIntManagement of Innovation and New Technology (Michael G. DeGroote School of Business; Canada)
MIntMid-Columbia Interagency Narcotics Task Force (Oregon)
MIntMutual Interference
MIntMultimedia Internet Terminal
MIntModel for Integrated Network Transformation (Juniper)
MIntMonitoring Interval
MIntMulti-source Intelligence Toolkit
MIntMiniaturized Wireless Network Testbed
MIntMaster of Science in Internetworking (University of Alberta; Canada)
MIntCenter for Magnetics and Information Technology (University of Minnesota)
MIntMetal In-Line Treatment
MIntManagement Information Network for Training
MIntMutual Interference Test
MIntMaterial Identification and New Item Control Technique
MIntMinistry of Industry and New Technologies (Kazakhstan)
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