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MUTEXMutually Exclusive
MUTEXMutual Exclusion
MUTEXMutation and Testing
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Due to multiple threads, the lock-based implementation uses a locking mechanism to ensure mutual exclusion while inserting data in sub-trees (Arbel, 2014).
The authors in [8] consider deterministic feasibility and time complexity of two fundamental tasks in the distributed computing of consensus and mutual exclusions. In [9], a mutual exclusion element is described using a reflective semiconductor optical amplifier and a simple scheme for contention resolution in arrayed waveguide grating router based optical switches in data centers.
B Are you suggesting that there is a mutual exclusion between being a serious artist and being an entertaining artist?
The Iranian foreign minister further pointed to Riyadh's decision to break relations with Tehran, saying the two countries must not follow a policy of mutual exclusion; however, Saudi Arabia has been seeking to eliminate Iran from political equations, including in the international negotiations on Syria.
According to development of renewable energy resources in the world, mutual exclusion between wind power and solar power has never appeared.
Even if Einstein's cosmological constant (repulsion) was considered to be accurate for a long time, in modern physics the mechanical worldview of the "gravity and repulsion" was rebuilt, disposing "gravity" to explain the mutual attraction between objects, and "repulsion" to define the mutual exclusion between objects.
Seven Modes of Uncertainty sets forth three narrative structures in which literary uncertainty adheres: mutual exclusion; multiplicity; repetition.
5.0 GRID CONFIGURATION (GC) PROTOCOL This protocol is introduced by Maekawa [8] where all quorums are of equal size in order to obtain a distributed mutual exclusion algorithm.
The author discusses the concept of uncertainty as essential to literature, and he points out literary structures that spark and support this element of thought--such as mutual exclusion, multiplicity, and repetition in these novels, subdividing these structures into oscillation, enfolding, adjacency, accounting, vacuity, synchronicity, and flippancy.
We abstract mutual exclusion operations for a critical area as lock (l) and unlock (u).
Finally and most importantly, the mutual exclusion in the texts affords us with a notion of equivocal identification--we begin to understand the power of a full-flung excursion into a consciousness not our own, an excursion that is heightened by but also checked by the extreme non-identification with which it alternates.
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