MUVRMulti User Virtual Reality
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The two concept designs - MQ-X and MUVR - also are the first glimpse inside Northrop's internal strategy for addressing two of the US military's potential requirements in the next decade.
In this context, Northrop Grumman is working on a project named Muvr (presumably Maritime Unmanned Vertical Replenishment), a fan-in-wing concept designed to lift payload pods of up to 4535 kg from the flight deck of any 'air-capable' ship.
flights) 600 Terminal 3 (International flights) 1,500 Holguin 1,200 Manzanillo 50 Santa Clara 600 Santiago de Cuba 800 Varadero 1,200 Sources: Instituto Cubana de Aviacion Civil; Cuban media reports CUBAN AIRPORTS Runway Official ICAO MTA length Location name code code (In feet) INTERNATIONAL Camaguey Ignacio Agramonte MUCM CMW 9,800 Caya Coco Jardines del Rey MUCC CCC 9,800 Cayo Largo del Sur Vilo AcuHa MUCL CYO 9,800 Cienfuegos Jaime Gonzalez MUCF CFG 7,800 Havana Jose Marti MUHA HAV 13,100 Holguin Frank Pais MUHG HOG 10,300 Manzanillo Sierra Maestra MUMZ MZO 7,800 Santa Clara Abel Santamaria MUSC SNC 9,800 Santiago de Cuba Antonio Maceo MUCU SCU 13,100 Varadero Juan G Gomez MUVR VRA 11,400 DOMESTIC Baracoa Gustavo Rizo MUBA BCA 6,000 Bayamo C.M.