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MuzakMusic and Kodak (origin of Muzak LLC company name)
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Paul Flynn, trainer of Boxer Beat He ran well to be second in this race last year and is on much better terms with Muzak. There will be a good gallop, which will suit him and he'll be hard to beat.
Mood Media uses an internet-based system that Muzak will now also use.
The GE loan announced on Tuesday will reportedly support Muzak's exit from bankruptcy and also support its ongoing working capital needs.
One glitch: Turns out some of those savings were offset by DMV offices that didn't have Muzak and wanted to add it.
But one unavoidable facet of life that she takes note of with disparagement is muzak. This classical musician who plays pipe instruments does not like it.
The solution from AT&T also includes an Avaya Internet Protocol Telephony (IPT) system, which is expected to streamline the way Muzak handles customer calls and will give field representatives the ability to route calls to any Muzak site at any time.
(1) Even in spite of their many differences, the soundtracks of Barton Fink and Fargo hold the keys to a reading of their respective everyday spaces, many of which are noticeably awash--figuratively in the case of the former, literally in the case of the latter--with Muzak, a sonic expression designed to anaesthetize the individual and thus facilitate his or her sublimation into banal, everyday space.
At times imperceptible yet oddly omnipresent, neither obtrusive nor interesting yet strangely uplifting, the Muzak, it seems, has escaped the elevator.
MUZAK: Mu'zak A trademark for recorded background music played in stores, restaurants, elevators, and other public places.
two minutes." The on-hold Muzak was playing Terry Riley, of course.
(Once, while on hold with a phone call, they listened to muzak from thousands of miles away.) However, such contact and easy access to rescue did not prevent them from the immediate dangers of whiteout, injuries, frostbite and unseen crevices.
For every Red Lion traditionalist with a love of warm beer and a hatred of muzak there will be an equal number who relate to the Frog and Orange with its pastel shades and gastropub interior.