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MBVMy Bloody Valentine (band)
MBVMarket-to-Book Value (accounting)
MBVMet Behulp Van (Dutch: with the help of)
MBVMarshal by Value
MBVMain Base Visit
MBVManaging by Values
MBVModel-Based Verification
MBVMycobacterium Bovis
MBVModel Based Vision
MBVMarketing Beratung Verkauf (Swiss laboratory equipment)
MBVMad Brother Visions (Ned the Lighting Technician, UK)
MBVManual Balancing Valve
MBVMotorized Butterfly Valve
MBVModified Bouver-Vogel (aluminum coating fabrication method)
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Creation had already released key records by Primal Scream, The Jesus And Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, House of Love, Ride - the list goes on - long before Oasis were discovered.
The lack of catchy hooks and expansive production is disappointing at first but the experimentation of lead track Sparks, all clutter and My Bloody Valentine noise, hints at an intriguing, darker future.
My Bloody Valentine actress Jaime, 38, was one of the first to arrive for a day of beauty treatments at the Sunset Plaza House.
While the band (above) have long cited Andy Stott and Irish rockers My Bloody Valentine as touchstones, the new album found them experimenting with other, more surprising, influences.
Influenced by The Velvet Underground, My Bloody Valentine and Kurt Vile, KOYO will play at the Hug and Pint on Monday, September 3.
Most bands drew from the music of My Bloody Valentine as a template for the genre.
They are like a fermentation of the history of rock'n'roll - a Scottish Joe Strummer singing Del Shannon's songs, produced by Phil Spector, bathed in the distorted feedback of the My Bloody Valentine. Yet they sound totally new.
DUBLIN rock band My Bloody Valentine have finally reunited.
Imagine instrumental heroes Mogwai taking on Spirtualized's glorious space-rock at its finest or US alt-rock supermos Tortoise tackling My Bloody Valentine's set and you're in the right ballpark.
Inspired by the alternative guitar bands of the late 80s/early 90s (Slowdive, Chapterhouse, My Bloody Valentine) as well as Acid House and early electronica (Tangerine Dream, 808 State, The Orb), Schnauss began developing his own distinct sound, weaving delicate dreampop sensibilities with ecstatic electronic excess.
And remember, for a more up-to-date horror, Saw VI, Zombieland, Cirque Du Freak, Triangle, Halloween II, and My Bloody Valentine are all still on general release.
And what we learned from My Bloody Valentine and Dracula III is that this guy lacks flair and, most importantly, the affection for his material that would allow him to slyly send it up.