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MDFMedium Density Fiberboard
MDFMain Distribution Frame
MDFmyocardial depressant factor
MDFMedium Density Fiber
MDFMain Distribution(al) Facility
MDFMalawi Defence Force (est. 1964)
MDFMagyar Demokrata Fórum (Hungarian Democratic Forum)
MDFMaryland Deathfest (music festival)
MDFMovimento per la Decrescita Felice (est. 2000)
MDFMedia Data Format
MDFMessage Development Framework
MDFMultiple Device File
MDFMinistere des Finances (French: Ministry of Finance)
MDFMyotonic Dystrophy Foundation (est. 2007)
MDFMule Deer Foundation
MDFMuscular Dystrophy Foundation (various locations)
MDFManic Depression Fellowship (UK)
MDFMarketing Development Funds
MDFMoist Deciduous Forest (ecological region)
MDFMaster Data File
MDFMaestría en Dirección Financiera (Spanish: Master in Financial Management)
MDFMy Dear Friend
MDFMacular Degeneration Foundation
MDFMulti-Density Fiberboard (construction)
MDFMagic Defense (video gaming)
MDFMission Data File
MDFMade the Cut, Did Not Finish (PGA golf tournament)
MDFMild Detonating Fuse
MDFMicro Data Format
MDFMedical, Dental and Funeral
MDFMobile Device Format
MDFMineral Development Fund (Namibia)
MDFManipulator Development Facility
MDFMonitor Definition File
MDFMontana Discovery Foundation (est. 1999)
MDFMultimedia Description Framework
MDFMerseyside Disability Federation (UK)
MDFMeta Data Framework
MDFMicrophone Data File
MDFMeta Data Processing Framework
MDFMain Defense Forces (NATO)
MDFMultiplicative Decrease Factor
MDFMux Data Frame
MDFMultisensor Data Fusion
MDFMercados de Futuros (Guatemala)
MDFMinimum Detectable Flux
MDFMirror Description Format
MDFMethanol Dehydrogenase
MDFMain Data Feed
MDFMonopulse Direction Finding
MDFMain Distribution Frequency
MDFMammalian Development Facility
MDFMaritime Defense Force
MDFMorte Di Fame (Italian: Dying of Hunger)
MDFMaterial Discrepancy Form
MDFMason Dixon Farms, Inc. (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)
MDFManual Dial Facility
MDFMateriel Distribution Forecasting
MDFMultiband Direction Finder
MDFMendelsohn Difference Family
MDFMission Data Folders
MDFMain Debris Field
References in classic literature ?
"Under any circumstances," he resumed, "you are welcome, my dear friend; you will help me to recover my spirits; to-morrow we will hunt the hare on my plain, which is a superb tract of land, or pursue the deer in my woods, which are magnificent.
"Well now," he said, "it seems, my dear friend, that something vexes you; you are ill, perhaps?
'I am scarcely on those intimate terms with my dear friend,' said Arthur, in spite of his resolutions, 'that would render my approaching the subject very probable, Miss Wade.'
And so, my dear friend, you are really going to Vaux?"
"They are no longer the fashion, my dear friend. Were I to put them on, I should look like a fresh arrival from Siam; and as though I had been two years away from court."
"My dear friend!" cries Grandfather Smallweed, stretching out both hands to embrace him.
"My dear friend!" the old man gives him both his hands.
Ah, my dear friend, our divine Saviour's words, that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God, are terribly true.
You who love sporting, and who, whether you admit it or not, are a poet, my dear friend, you will find pheasants, rail and teal, without counting sunsets and excursions on the water, to make you fancy yourself Nimrod and Apollo themselves.
"And if that were the case," said he, slowly, moving his head up and down, "if that were the case, what would you say, my dear friend?"
My dear Friend,--That tormenting creature, Reginald, is here.
When their strife was at its height, a Bramble from the neighboring hedge lifted up its voice, and said in a boastful tone: "Pray, my dear friends, in my presence at least cease from such vain disputings."