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MIRCMy Internet Relay Chat
MIRCMagnetic-Ink Character Recognition (banking)
MIRCMicroelectronics Research Center
MIRCManagement Information Report Control
MIRCMarine Information Research Center (Japan)
MIRCMedical Imaging Resource Center
MIRCMicrosoft Internet Relay Chat (real-time messaging)
MIRCMediation Information & Resource Center
MIRCMetsovion Interdisciplinary Research Center (Greece)
MIRCMember of the Idle Rich Class (Man and Superman, George Bernard Shaw book)
MIRCMulti-user Internet Relay Chat
MIRCMicro Infrared Camera
MIRCMardam-Bey's Internet Relay Chat
MIRCManagement Information Report Control (Legalmaster software)
MIRCMoo/Mu Internet Relay Chat
MIRCMilitary Intelligence Reserve Command