MyAPMy Affiliate Program
MyAPMulti-Year Assistance Program (USAID)
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President Lee Myung-bak stated ahead of the 2009 Pittsburgh summit that: "The G-20 leaders should pay special attention to the needs and causes of emerging and developing countries." (12) To this end the Seoul Summit Leaders' Declaration highlighted the Seoul Development Consensus for Shared Growth, its aims, and emphasis on concrete measures as summarized in the Multi-Year Action Plan (MYAP) on Development.
The MYAP outlined a number of principles to support resilient and shared growth that to an extent replaced the Washington Consensus with a Seoul Consensus and shifted the focus to these principles rather than financial contributions.
(33) Although the Cannes summit and many of these agenda items were eclipsed by events in the Eurozone, and Greece in particular, progress continued in areas such as the Basel III code, the MYAP, and "indicative guidelines."