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MYCOMuseum of York County (South Carolina)
MYCOMotor Yacht Club Obersee (German: Overseas Motor Yacht Club; Ravensburg, Germany)
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During this debut study, we evaluated the detoxification potential of four commercially available toxin binders (Activated charcoal, Kaolin, Vitamin E + Selenium and Myco AD) in experimental quails, fed with AFB1 added feed along with different toxin binders.
Alfred Munoz & Giuliano Melluso are the founders of MYCO Tea, the first immune stimulant that is created in probiotic form and delivers multiple health benefits.
The new digital health application uses the Ascom Myco smartphone camera to read barcodes from patient wristbands, charts, room/door signs, medications and other instruments, and automatically updates patient records using the secure hospital network.
A relatively new development, with which Jeremy and I were particularly impressed, is Myco Board, a super-strong material made in the same way as mushroom packaging, except that the finished product resembles something like wood.
Ascom Myco is a brand new smartphone in the Ascom portfolio.
Ascom Myco is a purpose-built Android smartphone for healthcare, providing caregivers and clinicians with the information they need where it matters the most.
It was a very appropriate outcome to the race as Miss Myco is assistant to Wade, who trains at Sedgefield.
It is the first move into the aviation sector for Mr Murcutt, who is managing director of Myco Falcon Ltd.
Further, the in vivo priming of these cells was shown to provide an enhanced immune response to killed bacterial preparations of Escherichia coli and Myco bacterium morganii (Proc.
In a recent Tax Court case, Myco Industries,(17) the IRS statement failed to indicate the tax years for which the AET assessment was being proposed.
Tenders Are Invited For Repairing Of Rcc Drain Infront Of Myco Timber Mart (Plot No.
Now along with No Powdery Mildew, Kelp Blast, and No Spider Mites; you can now purchase Myco Blast to supercharge your garden.