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MTUMaximum Transmission Unit (TCP/IP)
MTUMichigan Technological University (Houghton, Michigan)
MTUMaximum Transfer Unit
MTUMitsubishi Ufj Financial Group, Inc. (Japan)
MTUMaximum Transmission Unit
MTUMax Transfer Unit
MTUMaintenance Termination Unit
MTUMulti-Tenant Unit
MTUMigrants' Trade Union (South Korea)
MTUMycobacterium Tuberculosis
MTUMarksmanship Training Unit (US DoD)
MTUMobile Top-Up
MTUMicro Technology Unlimited (est. 1977)
MTUMobile Training Unit
MTUMagnetic Tape Unit
MTUMessage Transfer Unit (ATMF)
MTUMetric Tons of Uranium
MTUmetric ton unit
MTUMunicipal Transit Utility (Wisconsin)
MTUMobile Treatment Unit
MTUMulti-Linear Transfer Unit
MTUMedical Telemetry Unit (various locations)
MTUMobile Test Unit
MTUMandalay Technological University (Myanmar)
MTUMotoren und Turbinen Union GmbH (German: engine and turbine union)
MTUMetric Ton of Uranium
MTUMaster Timing Unit
MTUMaster Telemetry Unit
MTUMaintenance Training Unit (US Navy)
MTUMedical Treatment Unit
MTUMedia Tech Unit
MTUMalignant Teratoma Undifferentiated (oncology)
MTUMaintenance Terminating Unit
MTUMobile Trauma Unit (US DHS; est. 2004)
MTUMetallic Test Unit
MTUMaster Time Unit
MTUMultiple Terminal Unit
MTUMulti Terminal Unit
MTUMaintenance Terminal Unit
MTUMagnetic Transmitter Unit
MTUMine Transponder Unit
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