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MYERManaging Your Environmental Responsibilities (construction planning guide)
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55 per share for its Coles Myer shares, which represents a premium over the current market price for the shares.
Myer Direct is well-known and well-respected and, most important, they share our commitment to providing excellence in customer service.
From the damage to the vehicle, it's pretty amazing nobody died,'' Myers said.
At the ripe age of 68, Dean Myers has published more than 75 books for children and young adults, as well as short fiction and articles.
On January 17, 2003, Myers was delivering mail to a home on her route when she noticed flames coming from the house.
FDA/Bristol Myers Squibb Issues Caution for HIV Combination Therapy with Zerit and Videx in Pregnant Women
The work of celebrated African-American children's novelist Walter Dean Myers opposes the rising trend of incongruous representations; Myers celebrates children by weaving narratives of the black juvenile experience in ways that reverse the effects of mediated messages of the black experience in public culture.
In this book Myers and Simon do a better job of being civil than of forming fully persuasive arguments for their positions.
Finkle's main defense was his claim the Myers did not "rely justiflably" on his telling them the investments would result in "economic profits.
We expect GSUSA's condominium arrangement to serve as a model for many other non-profits agencies seeking new quarters and developers with vacant space," says Myers, who notes that he and Wilson completed local and national not-for-profit transactions in excess of 500,000 square feet in 1991, and are working on several major deals for 1992 and 1993 occupancy.
Myers designs and serves her modern takes on classic sundaes on flat plates, in glass bowls, martini glasses and even bento boxes.
The diversification achieved through the acquisition of Harlan will make Myers a stronger company, and the economics of scale which the merger creates will provide significant economic benefits for Myers.