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MPŠMinistarstvo Poljoprivrede, Šumarstva I Vodnoga Gospodarstva (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestery and Water management, Croatia)
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However, reversible and sever fixed perfusion defects on myocardial perfusion study even in the presence of LBBB must be further investigated and treated accordingly.
A cardiac insert (Figure 3(d)) may be used with the Carlson phantom to mimic the human heart for myocardial perfusion study. The "heart" is approximately 8 cm in diameter and has a 1.5 cm thick hollow "wall," which may be filled with a solution containing [sup.201]Tl or [sup.99m]Tc.
Although myocardial perfusion study is quite an effective diagnostic method in detection of ischemia in patients with LBBB, it can not reveal sufficient information about the anatomy or stenosis of coronary artery.
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