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NMSMNational Meteorological Service of Mexico
NMSMN Male to SMA Male (connector/adapter)
NMSMNew Mexico School of Mines
NMSMNew Mozart School of Music (Palo Alto, CA)
NMSMNuclear Materials and Stockpile Management (LANL)
NMSMNagaoka Municipal Science Museum (Nagaoka, Niigata, Japan)
NMSMNth and Midlands School of Music
NMSMNonspecific Monooxygenase System of Microcoms
NMSMNordiska Mejeriorganisationers Samarbetsorgan för Mjölkkvalitetsfrågor
NMSMNon Mainstream Media
NMSMNelson Mandela School of Medicine
NMSMNew Media Science Multimedia
NMSMNational Marine Science Museum