N-CAMNeural Cell-Adhesion Molecule
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We anticipate that a large number of N-CAM's providers will recognize the value of becoming members of our union," says Steven Gorman, president of IUNH, "although, our relationship with N-CAM does not create a collective bargaining agreement where their practitioners have to become union members.
From N-CAM's perspective, "This is a win-win situation," states N-CAM founder and president, Elizabeth Manzolillo.
Manzolillo, President/Founder of N-CAM (National Complementary & Alternative Medicine Network) started the nation's first formal expanded CAM network in New York in 1994 as a practitioner organization.
Our services are a perfect fit for N-CAM as this market grows," said Al Pirnia, Natural HealthLink's president.
With more clicks going to health information than ever, N-CAM practitioners will clearly benefit from having an online presence," Manzolillo said.