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N-CDMANarrowband Code Division Multiple Access
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Cellular radio systems such as GSM Edge, N-CDMA or W-CDMA are seeing increasing demand in today's wireless infrastructure.
TABLE I IMPEDANCE CHARACTERISTICS OF THE MRF5S19060N TUNED FOR BEST EFFICIENCY AT 12 W N-CDMA AND -37 dBc IM3 Re_source Im_source Re_load Im_load Frequency (MHz) ([ohm]) ([ohm]) ([ohm]) ([ohm]) 1930 3.11 -4.55 2.60 -3.18 1960 3.06 -4.38 2.50 -2.85 1990 2.93 -4.28 2.44 -2.53 References
The ML2407/08A Meters provide 1.4-MHz bandwidth and measure IS-95 N-CDMA signals when used with the MA2460A/B Series Fast Diode Sensors.