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NCMOSN-Channel (Silicon Gate Reversed) Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
NCMOSNon-Committal Make-Out Session
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The TPD7104F is suited for use in automotive applications using 12V batteries to operate high-side N-channel MOSFETs, such as semiconductor relays and load switches.
High side N-channel power MOSFET with charge pump, current controlled input and diagnostic feedback
5 V products are offered in three package sizes, depending on maximum power dissipation (PD ), in configurations that include single P-channel or N-channel devices (with or without Schottky barrier diode) and complex, multi-die dual P-channel or N-channel devices.
Technical Specifications Product Maximum Rating Number Polarity V(DSS)(V) I(D)(A) TPCC8007 N-Channel 20 27 TPCC8008 N-Channel 30 25 TPCC8102 P-Channel -30 -15 TPCC8103 P-Channel -30 -18 Product R(DS)(ON) (milliohms) Process Number Typ.
Initially Diodes is offering both n-channel and p-channel devices with breakdown voltage ratings of 20V, 30V and 60V for use in a variety of high reliability load switching, signal switching and boost conversion applications.
Linear Technology Corporation announces the LTC3784, a high power two phase single output synchronous step-up DC/DC controller that replaces rectifying boost diodes with high efficiency N-channel MOSFETs.
The AAT4910 dual MOSFET driver takes a logic input and drives both high and low-side N-channel MOSFETs.
Three dual MOSFET combinations have been released, comprising 20V and 30V N-channel and 30V complementary devices.
In addition, the SRAM cell load transistors (P-channels) are polysilicon TFTs (Note 6) and they are stacked on top of the N-channel MOS transistors on the silicon substrate.
a leading provider of analog and mixed signal semiconductor products for high volume consumer applications, today, announced the launch of its 30V N-Channel MOSFET series for use in computing applications.
The family of new devices utilizing IR's proven planar technology includes 55 V and 150 V standard gate drive N-Channel MOSFETs, and -55 V and -100 V standard gate drive P-Channel MOSFETs suitable for high-side switch applications, requiring no additional charge pump for gate drive.
Fairchild won the award for the FDPC8011S 25V dual power clip asymmetric N-channel MOSFET.