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N-DAYDay Nuclear Attacks Against CONUS Commence
N-DAYDay Unit Notified for Deployment/Employment
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Second, we estimate the change in n-day precipitation extremes relative to the local warming (% [K.sup.-1]) from the CMIP5 ensemble; (2) the scaling is assumed to be spatially uniform over Colorado and ranges from 2.5% [K.sup.-1] for 1-day annual maxima to 0.7% [K.sup.-1] for 92-day annual maxima.
(2) Scaling estimated from an exponential fit: log(P) = [alpha]T+ [beta], with P the series of annual n-day precipitation maxima and T the smoothed series of yearly temperatures.
As shown in table 1 the levels of F.S.G were increased slightly but not significant in all undergraduate students in E-day comparing with N-day. These results agree with the only recent study that reported that F.S.G slightly but not significantly increased comparing before and after an exam [31].
As shown in table 2 there was the non-significant difference in serum glucose between males and females undergraduate students in E-day and N-day groups.
Table 1 was appeared non-significant differences in serum amylase activity with its specific in E-day comparing with N-day. Differences in our results comparing with previous studies may be due to the differences in sources of synthesis and secretion of serum and salivary amylase, in which salivary amylase synthesis in salivary gland specifically in parotid gland [47] while serum amylase synthesis and secreted mainly in pancreatic acinar cells [48], also 80% of amylase that synthesized in pancreatic acinar cells stored in salivary gland [49].
As shown in Table (2) there was significant difference in serum amylase activity between males and females students in E-day and N-day groups in favor of males.
As listed in Table (1) there were significant decreases in T.S.P comparing E-day with N-day in all undergraduate students and separated gender.
Also, significantly decreases in serum globulin were shown, Table (1), in E-day comparing with N-day, the results are match with previous studies, they were noticed that, salivary [gamma]-globulin [11.5 - 18.8 % of total protein] was significantly decreased in undergraduate students before written exam comparing with 14 days after exam [63-65], also a study reported that the serum globulin is lower in individual with major depression than in control [64].
Table (1) was appeared non-significant differences in serum zinc in all undergraduate students comparing E-day with N-day, also non-significant differences in serum zinc were revealed depending on gender as shown in the same table.
Serum cortisol levels were not affected in E-day comparing with N-day that may be due to adaptation of Iraqi individual to traumatic events that lead to the fear of exam becomes not stressful.
Created exclusively for the 46th UAE N-Day the dish is available from November 30 to December 2.