N-DExNational Data Exchange
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N-DEx is our response to requests from law enforcement and the IACP for us to find an answer to the challenge of information sharing.
The N-DEx contract is administered through Chief Information Officer - Solutions and Partners 2 (CIO-SP2) contract number HHSN263999900024I.
The purpose of the Trail Guide is to give the reader sufficient background to get started with N-DEx implementation.
PDSG"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Patriot Scientific Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: PTSC), announced today that its customer, the New Jersey State Police, has become the first state to use PDSG's commercial-off-the-shelf ("COTS") solution to accomplish state to N-DEx data sharing.
From there, the information is uploaded to N-DEx, where it can be used in solving other crimes on a national level.
When the state wanted to share its data with N-DEx, we developed an approved interface to make that happen.
A big reason for this shift may have to do with N-DEX (National Data Exchange), the FBI's criminal justice information-sharing platform.
an innovative provider of data-sharing solutions, has released its newly enhanced CDX family of data-exchange products that fully support the FBI's N-DEx program.
N-DEx will enable all law enforcement agencies to share incident reports, correlate crime data and collaborate on criminal justice investigations on a national basis.
This upgrade is also in compliance with the N-DEX (National Data Exchange) data sharing initiative, setting the foundation for the sharing of incident data within MEJCIN from the many regional and municipal systems, such as Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Record Management Systems (RMS).
today announced its compliance with the National Data Exchange system, the FBI's criminal justice information-sharing platform, making it easy for Memex customers to exchange data with each other and to submit that data to N-DEX, if desired.