N-SSATSNational Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services
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The total number of N-SSATS SA treatment program cases included in the current analyses per county per year was calculated in order to examine whether SA treatment program density was related to Medicaid acceptance.
NSDUH estimates annualizing 2003 and 2004 were assigned to N-SSATS data for those respective years.
N-SSATS data are cross-sectional and cannot investigate causality.
Over-sampling for "mixed" outpatient programs in the Great Lakes (56 percent N-SSATS, 70 percent TCOM) and private-nonprofits in the Southeast (52 percent N-SSATS, 100 percent TCOM) could account for some of the regional differences reported above.
While the TCOM sample as a whole is similar to the N-SSATS sample of outpatient programs across the four regions surveyed, oversampling within some regions did appear to occur within TCOM.