N-VANieuw Vlaamse Alliantie (Political party Flanders, Belgium)
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On Thursday, during a debate in Parliament, opposition parties, led by the Socialists and the Greens, staged a symbolic walk-out of the chamber after a heated row with President of the Chamber Siegfried Bracke, also a member of the N-VA.
The coalition was formed after the separatist N-VA party softened its demands for greater autonomy for Dutch-speaking Flanders, an issue that has dominated Belgian politics in recent years and delayed the previous two government formations.
But the N-VA is certainly not accelerating the path to independence.
Many fear that the separatist N-VA, the strongest party in Flanders, will make further gains in next May's general election.
The June 13, 2010, elections brought the Dutch-speaking separatist N-VA party to the fore, and at first it was including in the protracted negotiations.
Today marks a full year since elections brought the anti-Belgium N-VA regionalists to the fore in Dutch-speaking Flanders and left the pro-Belgium PS Socialists as main party in the Francophone regions.
N-VA leader Bart De Wever compared it to a marathon.
Bart De Wever, the chairman of the N-VA, and other party leaders held talks with King Albert, the country's head of state, on Monday to decide who should form the next government.
The reports said that Puigdemont flew to Brussels with five former members of the Catalonia regional government, in order to meet politicians from the Flemish nationalist N-VA party of Belgium.
There, the powerful separatist N-VA party favours a republic, or at least a royal as figurehead only.
Negotiating skills His negotiating skills through the 18-month crisis, Belgium's bleakest recent moments, were hailed by all bar the powerful Flemish N-VA separatist movement that stands poised to make significant gains in elections next year.
Absent from the coalition are the Greens as well as Belgium's Flemish separatist N-VA.