N-YHSNew-York Historical Society
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At the N-YHS this comprehensive history was offered not only by incorporating some of the Society's relevant holdings, which also introduced New York itself as a context, but by expanding the literal and intellectual space of the exhibition through dialogue and debate.
Arguably, the deeper context for lynching at the N-YHS afforded viewers an opportunity to regain their composure in the face of lawlessness.
Theory, in this case, offers a way to explain how the visitor's encounter with the radical force of lynching may have been formally compromised at the N-YHS where, when located in relation to its contemporary counter-movements, lynching was effectively contextualized within a rational construction.
and it appears that such freedom of movement was intended by the N-YHS staff.
The carefully composed perspective of the N-YHS exhibition seems to have reoriented the lawless and ruthless space of lynching and replaced it with what Panofsky calls rational "mathematical" space (31).
Reviewing and reacting to the N-YHS exhibit and its depth-of-field, Gregorio Malena wrote in Harlem Overheard (2001) that its "nonchalant pose" compromised a "powerful" yet "matter-of-fact" presentation.
When examining the Roth Horowitz and N-YHS exhibitions, and subsequent exhibitions at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and the Martin Luther King, Jr.
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