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NQPNot Quite Perl (programming language)
NQPNot Quite Perfect
NQPNext Quantity Pricing
NQPN-Queens Problem (chess)
NQPNew Quantum Phenomena (physics)
NQPNext Question Please
NQPNon Qualified Puke (submarine sailor that hasn't passed the quallification procedure)
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In this activity we cover Hamming Distance and its use in information theory and we cover N-Queens problem and its use in computer science.
Previous researches have been trying to find the domination number [gamma](Qn) for the n-queens problem using mathematical and combinatorial approaches [1-8].
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For the experimentation, four different problems have been used: the traveling salesman problem (TSP), the capacitated vehicle routing problem (CVRP) [40], the N-queens problem (NQP), and the one-dimensional bin packing problem (BPP) [41].
Shi, "Swarm intelligence for permutation optimization: a case study of n-queens problem," in Proceedings of the IEEE Swarm Intelligence Symposium, pp.
It is an example of an n-queens problem where solutions exist for all natural numbers n with the exception of two and three.
The team also applied their method to a classic benchmark constraint satisfaction problem, the n-queens problem (where the goal is to place n queens on an n x n chessboard so that none attack any other).
That system performed even better than the original GDS scheduler/constraint satisfaction system (on the n-queens problem where GDS was able to solve 1 thousand queens problems in 11 minutes, the new min-conflicts systems solved 1 million queens in less than 4 (using comparable computational resources).
For example, there are several orders of magnitude between the first and first- fail pure strategies in the n-queens problem.