N1MNeuron 1 Medial (cell)
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The source strengths of N1m responses elicited by TS in each ear ("tinnitus ear" or "non-tinnitus ear") and noise ("silent" and "BEN") condition are presented with 95% confidence intervals in Figure 3.
Information about Second Chance Ministries may be obtained from Father Heffernan at the phone number above or by writing him at 1685 Kingston Road, Scarborough, ON, N1M 1M4.
Members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) in the state now refer to the road as 'N1m road' because it is the least amount of money that kidnappers demand as ransom for anyone abducted on the road.
"I remember approaching one of the so-called lo- cal angel investors for seed funding and he asked me for an 80% stake in the company in return for N1m [$3,175], which is not even enough for the early stage, never mind growth and scale-up.
Afripay has introduced various products: U-Mo Silver allowing customers with little information to spend or pay up to N3,000 per transaction and up to N30,000 per day; U-Mo Gold for customers with contact information and details, who are allowed to spend or pay up to N10,000 per transaction and up to N100,000 per day; and U-Mo Platinum is for the more sophisticated customers who are allowed to spend or pay up to N100,000 per transaction and up to N1m per day.
#1, Fergus, ON N1M 2W3, Tel: 519-846-2715/1-800-265-7293 ext 2500, Fax: 519-846-0323
Similarly, the unsecured loan limit under the scheme was raised from N5,000 to N20,000 and from N100,000 to N500,000 for secured loans to individuals while those for corporate borrowers rose to N5m from N1m. Bank returns to the regulatory and supervisory authorities was reduced from 28days to l5days after the end of each reporting month, as stipulated in the relevant guide-lines.
If you put N1m in fixed deposit at 9% for one year, you get N81,000 interest after tax.
He said: 'we spoke to the kidnappers today (Wednesday) morning and we pleaded with them to reduce the money to N1m, but they refused and warned us never to call them again.'