N2BNot Too Bad (internet chat)
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At its core, the N2B platform employs the XACCTusage engine, which captures granular usage data from all network and service elements in real time.
dagger]) One patient who was N2B with a primary recurrence was NO after resection of the primary; one patient had metachronous neck dissections; one patient was N2B with a neck recurrence of N2B.
XACCT's N2B platform will enable Pelephone to consolidate the mediation functions for their current 2G as well as 3G services over their analog and digital networks.
In the Czech Telecom operations infrastructure, XACCT N2B platform is integrated with Amdocs Ensemble billing system to handle usage information for its retail customers.
XACCT's N2B Universal Network Data Management(TM) solutions extend beyond the boundaries of traditional mediation solutions found in the marketplace.
XACCT's N2B platform enables us to leverage a common mediation platform globally for our IP services," said Sylvain Ouellette, Equant's head of Network Systems Engineering.
XACCT N2B Platform provides a real-time link between the physical network infrastructure and the back-office Business/Operations Support Systems (BSS/OSS).
The N2B Platform allows service providers to not only understand how their network is being used, but to anticipate market needs and create new services quickly and cost effectively, giving them significant competitive advantage.
With one third of Australia's mobile customers using SingTel Optus' GSM networks, this deployment of N2B platform significantly expands XACCT's reach in the Asia-Pacific market.
The XACCT N2B platform provides Sprint with a real-time link between their network and the back-office business and operations support applications, such as billing and decision support systems.