N2KNice to Know
N2KNatin 2 Krazy (clothing; Hawaii)
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Unless guests are interested in the N2K finals, Tuesday will be spent on Carnival's own private islands - Princess Cays.
N2K was formed in February 1996, pursuant to the merger of N2K Inc.
com launched a CD store in June 1998 and CDNow merged with N2K in October (CI No 3,524).
N2K is a GRD Group Company, whose worldwide headquarters will also be located in the building.
N2K Inc, New York-based online music retailer, has reported a fourth-quarter net loss of $22.
Cisco NexusModels: N5K-C5624Q, N2K C2348UPQ8F, N2K C2332TQ8F3.
Online music retailer N2K Inc, already embroiled in a complex merger with CDnow (CI No 3524), has been hammered by a pair of lawsuits.