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N2ONitrous Oxide (dinitrogen oxide)
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N2O according to treatment and uniform dose of 60 kg P2O5 and 40 kg K2O were applied in each plot, half of nitrogen and full dose of phosphorus and potash were applied as basal dose and remaining dose of nitrogen as top dressing after first irrigation at seedling stage was applied.
The bacteria convert the ammonium's nitrogen into N2O and NO.
Cover cropping affects soil N2O and CO2 emissions differently depending on type of irrigation.
The CH4 and N2O uxes were simultaneously measured using a static, opaque chamber method (Zou et al., 2005).
High-purity N2O is used for deposition of an insulating oxide film in the process of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) for producing semiconductors.
The mystery of NOR's catalyzing mechanism, however - which accounts for a staggering 70 per cent of the planet's N2O production - remains largely unsolved.
Topics addressed include treatments of hazardous aluminum dust residue from the secondary aluminum industry; quantitative risk assessment of industrial processes; recent trends in red mud and paper mill sludge treatment and reuse for the recovery of contaminated soils, sediments, and waters; photochemical removal of N2O in N2 or air by excimer laser at atmospheric pressure over a wide N2O concentration range; seaweeds for engineering metal biosorption; and sensors of chemical risk.
She said other chemicals remained a danger, such as greenhouse gases from cars and nitrous oxide (N2O), produced by fertilisers.
The latter included significant amounts of the fertiliser product nitrous oxide, or N2O.
MKS also noted that the analyzer can speciate nitrogen oxide (NOx) and hydrocarbons, as well as quantify NH3 and N2O, which traditional analyzers do not monitor.
Among different nitrogen forms, nitrate and nitrous oxide (N2O) are of environmental concern.