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N2ONitrous Oxide (dinitrogen oxide)
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While we do not have sufficient coverage across crops and irrigation systems to draw broad conclusions, irrigation techniques that allow for dosing of N and water to match daily crop requirements appear to reduce N2O emissions.
Application of nitrogen fertilizer can cause the release of N2O by nitrification and denitrification of the soil microorganism.
Application of fresh cattle manure and urea for grassland rice and maize [2-4] may lead to the production of N2O in soils and its emission [5].
2009) found that the maximum dry matter accumulation per plant was the positive effect of growth characters; significantly more value was recorded with 150 N2O kg ha-1.
CH4 has 21 times the warming potential of CO2, and N2O has 310 times the warming potential, making them particularly damaging.
This CDM[1] project, which reduces N2O in the production of caprolactam (a raw material used to make nylon 6[2] is being undertaken at a plant of Thai Caprolactam Public Co.
Transfer to whipped cream dispenser charged with one N2O cartridge and refrigerate until needed.
The show has attracted strong support from local businesses including Loughborough Building Society, Simply Print, Pine Tree Beauty and fashion shops VR, New Look, Divine Clothing and N2O.
Instead, we think it will be factors like greenhouse gases, N2O and methane.
The bacteria convert the ammonium's nitrogen into N2O and NO.
Distribution System for Oxygen, N2O, Air and Vacuum (Exclusive of oxygen manifold and Nitrous oxide Manifold) for GMC Bambolim Hospital and Medicine block for a period of 3 years.