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N400Negativity at 400 Milliseconds
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N400 is a major component of ERP, which is a common research tool used in the cognitive science field,[2] including linguistic cognition.
Friedrich and Friederici (2010) (5) have proposed that the N400 effect provides clues about the relation between the language development and neural representations/functions that support its processing.
2013), assim como o efeito do componente N400, mostrando que, com o aumento da proficiencia, ha diminuicao da diferenca de ativacao entre a L1 e a L2 (DUNABEITIA et al.
Mas aun, se ha reportado que la amplitud del N400 es inversamente proporcional a la congruencia semantica entre los elementos comparados, de modo que a mayor congruencia, menor es la amplitud del componente, y viceversa.
N400 as an index of semantic expectancies: Differential effects of alcohol and cocaine dependence.
Otra posibilidad es que las predicciones sobre los posibles elementos futuros se propaguen tambien a los estimulos relacionados por equivalencia, pero con menor intensidad debido a la distancia nodal entre ellos de manera analoga a lo que ocurre con el potencial N400 durante el priming indirecto (Barnes-Holmes et al.
The researchers found that children who were more fit (as measured by oxygen uptake during exercise) had higher amplitude N400 and P600 waves than their less-fit peers when reading normal or nonsensical sentences.
However, EEG readings showed preserved amplitude but delayed latency in difference waves, suggesting no significant disruption of brain waves through the N400.
Part III explores the interaction of attention with cognitive processes, including an evolutionary perspective, reward attention, item individuation, selective attention and cognitive load, and N400 differences in Parkinson's disease.
33% of the families earned between N 280,000 and N400, 000 equivalent to($1,750-$2,500), 41.
100-102] The N400 component of ERP is an indicator of the ability to comprehend verbal material; studies finding positive effects of antipsychotic treatment on N400 suggest that N400 could be used as a state marker for schizophrenia.
Although an estimated N400 billion has been sunk into the amnesty programme thus far (Obi and Rustard 2011: 208), there have been no palpable changes in the lives of the large number of young people who took part in the armed struggle.