N4ANational Association of Area Agencies on Aging (600+ county/multicounty in U.S.; administers government funds for aging programs)
N4ANetwork for All (Austria)
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The N4A Device Manager is a robust environment for the management, configuration, self-care and support of Novatel Wireless M2M devices.
Academic/athletic advisors are active participants in all areas of academic/athletic evaluation, support, and guidance, contributing to every aspect of student-athletes' academic and athletics careers from initial academic evaluation of prospects, to student-athletes' progress toward a degree to maintain or achieve athletics eligibility, to degree completion, (Practices and Concepts for the Success of NCAA Academic Reform, N4A Task Force, September 2004).
The N4A Device Manager is a robust platform for the management, configuration, self- care and support of Novatel Wireless M2M devices.
RAC's version of MT 3060 and the N4A Device Manager will be part of the RAC Advance branded solution, which is designed to incorporate leading edge vehicle telematics and advanced crash detection technology in a range of solutions for fleet, insurance and breakdown applications.
NASDAQ: NVTL) has introduced the N4A cloud-based Device Manager 4.
The module supports CDMA 800 and 1900 MHz and a rich on-board N4A Communication and Management Software agent to provide speedy market introduction of M2M Deployments on Verizon Wireless' CDMA Network.
According to Novatel Wireless, the UBI solution suite consists of pan-European connectivity, back office analytics, business and consumer facing applications as well as turnkey auto-provisioning support for Novatel Wireless MT 3000/ MT 3050 devices using the N4A CMS platform, enabling consumer plug-n-play self-installation.
The Midwest JO Conference was a concept under evaluation when CAPT John Zarem, Commanding Officer for Naval Reserve Fleet and Industrial Supply Center San Diego Headquarters 119 invited the REDCOM Midwest N4A CDR Peter Tombasco to attend a similar JO conference held in San Diego for the Southwest/Northwest Region in April 2002.
Recognizing the need to provide quality notary education to commissioned notaries, N4A strives to advance knowledge and education of notaries concerning state requirements and industry best practices.
Under the agreement , financial details of which were not available, ACAL BFi is the distributor in UK, Italy and Germany to sell and provide local specialist technical support for Novatel's Enfora's N4A wireless connectivity platform and low-power 2G and 3G modules.