N4ANational Association of Area Agencies on Aging (600+ county/multicounty in U.S.; administers government funds for aging programs)
N4ANetwork for All (Austria)
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NASDAQ: NVTL), a leading provider of intelligent wireless networking solutions, today introduces the N4A cloud-based Device Manager 4.
The Novatel Wireless name and logo, Enfora and N4A are trademarks of Novatel Wireless, Inc.
The N4A Device Manager assists with activation, deployment, maintenance and day-to-day operation in one single, robust, secure and scalable platform.
Enfora's solutions consist of intelligent GSM/GPRS and UMTS/HSPA modules and intelligent devices combined with N4A management software.
The Midwest JO Conference was a concept under evaluation when CAPT John Zarem, Commanding Officer for Naval Reserve Fleet and Industrial Supply Center San Diego Headquarters 119 invited the REDCOM Midwest N4A CDR Peter Tombasco to attend a similar JO conference held in San Diego for the Southwest/Northwest Region in April 2002.
Recognizing the need to provide quality notary education to commissioned notaries, N4A strives to advance knowledge and education of notaries concerning state requirements and industry best practices.
This module supports CDMA 800 and 1900 MHz and a rich on-board N4A Communication and Management Software agent to provide speedy market introduction of M2M deployments on Verizon Wireless' CDMA Network.
The Enfora Spider AT family and N4A Communications and Management Software platform has been specifically designed to enable easy and seamless connection from the asset to the Enterprise," said Rob Hadley, CMO of Novatel Wireless.
In combination with a cloud-based application from SeeControl, Inc, the Novatel Wireless N4A Communication and Management Software fully integrates the advanced features of the MT 3000 and MT 3050 wireless devices to capture driver-behavior data, set alerts and provide easy self-installation.
NASDAQ: NVTL), a leading provider of intelligent wireless networking solutions, today announces that Tripple Track, a leading Scandinavian provider of GPS tracking and vehicle management solutions, has selected Novatel Wireless to provide its full portfolio of Enfora asset tags and mobile tracking devices as well as its N4A (TM) CMS service delivery platform.
Footprint Compatibility and Rich On-Board N4A Communication and Management Software Agent Provide a Single Source Portfolio for Speedy Market introduction of M2M Deployments on CDMA Networks
Expected to be available later in 2012, these modules are fully compatible with Novatel Wireless' service delivery platform -- the N4A Communications and Management Software (CMS) solution.