N5NNeutrophil 5-Nucleotidase
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* M240 machine gun: M240B, NSN 1005-01-480-0289 M240 and M240C, N5N 1005-01-148-7437
ADD TO BII LIST Item N5N Vari-nozzle 4210-00-465-1906 Stretcher 6530-01-380-7309 Shells, electrical 8415-00-264-3618 Jacket, welder's 8415-00-250-2531 Marker, smoke and illumination for rescue boat 1370-01-030-8330 Label, OBA canister 9905-01-462-6310 Label, EEBD, vertical 7690-01-462-6300 Label, EEBD, horizontal 7690-01-462-6288 Label, EXIT 9905-01-462-6269 Label, EXIT, left arrow 9905-01-462-6249 Label, EXIT, right arrow 9905-01-462-6247 Label, EXIT, double arrow 7690-01-462-6617 Type, 1-in x 50 yards 9390-01-462-6814 Label, "Do not enter, gas free permit required, confined space" 7690-01-462-6057 Label, "Escape scuttle, do not block" 7690-01-462-6078 Label, "Damage Control Locker" 7690-01-462-6869
Apply type II corrosion preventive compound (CPC), N5N 8030-00-938-1947, to water entrapment areas in your bird's mating surfaces, bilge areas and hidden corrosion prone areas.