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NAABNational Association of Animal Breeders
NAABNational Architectural Accreditation Board
NAABNational Architecture Accrediting Board (Washington, DC)
NAABNational Archival Appraisal Board (Canada)
NAABNorth America Advisory Board (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International)
NAABNative American Advisory Board (Washington and Idaho)
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Le Lagle Naab a Tigre porte toujours des tenues de sortie qui inspirent le respect et l'admiration et arbore le bonnet de la chefferie.
Segun informes obtenidos en Pemex y entre los conocidos de Juan Marcos Issa en La Laguna, por ese tiempo la plataforma Yuum K'ak'naab ya habia sido construida en el astillero de Sembawang, Singapur, y de ahi fue traida al Golfo de Mexico a partir de abril de 2007, segun el programa presentado en el concurso.
It also requires NAAB to implement an antitrust compliance program and to meet certain compliance and reporting standards.
6.--En el edificio del Conjunto Chiik Naab, donde se encuentran las "espectaculares" pinturas, no se construyo una "estructura de cemento, piedra y metal".
Foundation, in partnership with the Architects Foundation, announced the recipients of its 2018-2019 Diversity Advancement Scholarship, which provides assistance to minority students who are pursuing a professional architecture degree recognized by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).
Some survey data give starting points for psychological inquiry, for example, the national differences reported in a Pew Research Center study (Poushter, 2015) and the (unsurprising) finding of Naab (2012) that although supporting the freedom of speech principle in the abstract, people can be less ready to apply it to voices with which they deeply disagree.
: Market wernberg-kblitz is located in the district schwandorf and is from the naab (waters i.
(2.) Meisler DM, Roger HL, Langston MD, Naab TJ, Aaby AA, McMahon TJ, Tubbs RR.
[30.] Jost C, Kyazze F, Naab J, Neelormi S, Kinyangi J, Zougmore R and P Kristjanson Understanding gender dimensions of agriculture and climate change in smallholder farming communities.
The kidnapped have been identified as Mousa Odah, 17, Majd Yousef Obeid, 17, Husam Samih Oleyyan, 16, Adham Nasser Sabta, 17, Nadim Mohammad Zahra, 17, Odai Samer Abu Tayeh, Mohammad Ahmad Abbassi, Mahmoud Abu Naab, Mohammad Abu Naima, Mahmoud Abu Najma, Amir Abu Najma, Omar Abu Khater, Mohammad Daqqaq, Bilal Nofal and Abdullah al-Kiswani.
After that, I caught the Queen Mary [a British ocean liner serving as a troop transport] to NAAB [the Navy Advanced Amphibious Base] in Plymouth, England.