NAABANortheastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association (Canada)
NAABANational Arab American Business Association
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As part of NAABA, they are required to hire Aboriginal companies that are able to do the work providing they can offer the services for a reasonable price and do the work in a timely fashion.
Hahn added that NAABA holds four annual events that extend the social network with an annual Aboriginal Women in Business banquet (since 2009), NAABA golf tournament (1998), Business Showcase and Tradeshow (2008) and the annual general meeting.
The 5th NAABA Business Showcase and Tradeshow were held in March, 2012 with 36 groups participating.
With a fulltime staff of five and one part-time, all female, NAABA is also focusing on small business within the Aboriginal community.
Based in Fort McMurray, NAABA has the same boundaries as the regional municipality of White Buffalo.
then NAABA will help them network and get them going," explained Alexander.
The NAABA and all of its full partners and memberships are part of the Redlink and receive firsthand opportunities in areas like snow removal, big land projects, or plant development.