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NAACCRNorth American Association of Central Cancer Registries
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NACCR Guideline for Enhancing Hispanic/Latino Identification: Revised NAACCR Hispanic/Latino Identification Algorithm [NHIA v2].
En 1997, la NAACCR introdujo un programa anual de revision independiente de los datos de sus registros emitiendo una certificacion que tiene validez anual.
The NAACCR has also published guidance and best practices on confidentiality and disclosure, though these matters are not taken into consideration for certification.
A majority of provincial and territorial cancer registries have been certified by the NAACCR in recent years, which provides some assurance of data quality.
NAACCR audits have estimated that the completeness of case ascertainment for the period 1990 to 1994 is 99.
The data records from these registries for 1998-2002 that were analyzed in this study were more than 95% complete and met the NAACCR standard for high-quality cancer incidence data (13).
The algorithm used by NAACCR in determining these rates is based on age-adjusted observed and expected incidence rates for the state of Ohio.