NAACENational Association of Advisors for Computers in Education (UK)
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The quality of ICT provision has been recognised by the award of the NAACE mark.
Most significant, the memory of African American wartime service played a role at the 1909 National Negro Conference that led directly to the formation of the NAACE Whites and blacks, including famous thinkers and leaders such as John Dewey, W.
Thus their work took on a different character than that of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the NAACE Historian Charles Payne chronicles the struggle for freedom in Mississippi, and his book does well in chronicling the sacrifice of Mississippi's permanent population as well.
We're communicating with other similar groups here, like the PEO, NAACE and CNS, to seek and co-sponsor speakers.
I could have gone to the NAACE but that would have taken years of litigation--and I had to sell 2,000 magazines quickly or go to jail.