NAADNicotinic Acid Adenine Dinucleotide
NAADNational Association of Aluminum Distributors
NAADNeoadjuvant Androgen Deprivation
NAADNavajo Army Depot
NAADNew Approach Anti-Drug Program
NAADNational AMED (Army Medical Department) Augmentation Detachment
NAADNaval Air Ambulance Detachment (US Navy)
NAADNetwork Analysis and Design
NAADNebraska Alumni Association of the Deaf
NAADNorth American Association Diaconate
NAADNational Association for the Advancement of Dave (Letterman)
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NAAD, an Indian fusion group, specialises in blending the evocative sounds of the eastern instruments with the stimulating notes of western instruments.
I was about midway through my six-and-a-half-month deployment to the NAAD (2515th Naval Air Ambulance Detachment) when I was scheduled to conduct point-of-injury (POI) training with the 153rd Infantry Battalion from Camp Buehring in Kuwait.
Ghulam Farouq Wardak, Member and Chairman of International Relations Committee, Maolawi Arsala Rahmani, Member and Chairman of Political Prisoners Affairs Committee, Qazi Mohammad Ameen Waqad, Member and Chairman of Publicity and Public Information Committee, Ustad Mohammad Akbari, Member High Peace Council, Maolawi Mohiuddin Baloch, Member High Peace Council, Fazel ul Karim Aimaq, Member High Peace Council, Mohammad Jore, Member High Peace Council, Majnoon Gulab, Charge d Affairs of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Islamabad, Mirwals Naad, Deputy Director General First Political of Secretariat, Mohammad Qaseem Lodhi, Incharge of Policy of Secretariat, Mohammad Nazir, Chief of Staff to Prof.
Simrit is a devoted student, practitioner and teacher of Naad Yoga, the sacred science of sound and consciousness.
Especially when one considers the Pan-India constitution of LBSNAA's trainees, the right blends of myriad forms of melody from classical ragas, Shabad, Geet, Bhajan to Naad and Qawali reflected different regions of the country and made each one relate to it culturally as well.
Last, but not least, it gave a glimpse of what is in store for the Natya Naad, the allied event of the 12th BRM, which will showcase live presentations on theatre music in India down the decades, performed by various groups.
IT has been four years since the Kaisers predicted a riot and Na Na Na Na Naad their way into the nation's affections, a period that seems longer when you consider the slew of identikit indie bands that have since formed in an attempt to steal their crown.
To assist us he gave a direct, divine language, based on the yoga of sound (naad).
It will be very difficult, with things like television contracts and the scheduling of fixtures, but even if that is something for the future, Argentina naad to be told there will be recognition for what they've done during the past five or six weeks.
1: 42; Dhahabi, Mizan al-[i.sup.[subset]]tidal fi naad al-rijal, ed.
If you want to mingle with sheikhs, visit the stunning floodlit Naad Al Shiba racecourse, home to the world's richest horse race, the 12 million-dollar Dubai World Cup that takes place in March.