NAADANational Agricultural Alumni and Development Association
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Mugler was president of NAADA, Phi Kappa Phi, and the KSU Faculty Senate, and also developed Ag in the Classroom teacher training programs.
It covers the microchakras which enable the chakras to process information and presents the naada master's own program for InnerTuning, a technique developed from his early work with sacred sounds which began at age 12 with his Indian guru.
People say: 'Ma'seppa-seppa opi ki', to' pia, si solaki' Puang Ruru', na male opa Puang Ruru' lako tondokna, namualai seppamu' - 'Keep your trousers on, lads and lasses, we're in the company of Puang Ruru'; when Puang Ruru' has gone back to her home, you can take your trousers off'.(14) Anyone breaking this prohibition is likely to be 'taught a lesson by the Puang (naada' Puang) or 'burned by the Puang' (naballa' Puang) - they will experience a burning sensation all over the body.