NAAECNorth American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation
NAAECNational Association against the Exploitation of Children
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In contrast, the counterpart NAAEC Article 14-15 citizen's submission process, instituted to ensure governments enforce their existing environmental laws and regulations, is seen as offering little offsetting equilibrium.
Part 1 of the NAAEC comprises an ambitious set of objectives including the protection and improvement of the environment, the promotion of sustainable development, and enhanced compliance with and enforcement of environmental laws.
Moreover, the NAAEC does not require the signatory nations to
35) Although Senator Stevens disapproved of that provision as well, (36) Congress enacted the bill in its entirety, which may permit a characterization of the NAAEC and NAALC as having received congressional approval after all.
The North American Development Bank ("NAD Bank") was created by the NAAEC with the goal of making polluters pay,(114) but in reality, operates to the contrary.
To address a party's failure to enforce environmental laws, the NAAEC contains a dispute settlement process that can impose monetary assessments and sanctions as a last resort.
Their closing chapter, entitled "Redefining National Sovereignty in the Hemisphere,"(47) identifies the "institutional architecture" of the CEC as one of three main influences which the NAFTA and the NAAEC will exert on the larger trade and environment dialogue.
The NAAEC establishes an institutional framework for the consideration of environmental issues that arise out of trade practices.
To date, only Quebec and Manitoba have joined Alberta in ratifying the NAAEC CIA.
Sanchez (2002) pointed out that, while the United States perceived the institutions of the NAAEC ".