NAAEENorth American Association for Environmental Education
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Identify ways in which various resources can be recycled and reused" (NAAEE, 2004, p.
Each unit aligns with state standards and addresses NAAEE's Guidelines for Excellence to ensure that the students are engaged in inquiry learning with activities that lead to community or civic action.
Although there is no one accepted definition of environmental education (EE) in the field of science, most could agree that the generally accepted purpose of EE today is to provide individuals with enough information and knowledge about the environment in order to live compatibly with nature, and to develop in individuals the skills and attitudes necessary to protect and improve the environment (NAAEE, 2004).
This Table is based on observations we made at NAAEE conferences over a number of years (1).
The North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) and The National Environmental Education and Training Foundation (NEETF).
A core partner in EETAP has been the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE), the premier association in the field.
NAAEE 35th Annual Conference--Gathering at the Headwaters: Building EE in Society.
Excellence in Environmental Education--Guidelines for Learning (Pre K?12) (NAAEE, 2004) offers a vision of environmental education and promotes progress toward sustaining a healthy environment and quality of life.
Research has also shown that teachers are the key to successful environmental education because whether a student really learns about the environment is more dependent on the teacher than the materials the teacher uses (NAAEE 2000).
The NAAEE promotes environmental education throughout North America (and beyond) with conferences, publication, and training sessions.
North American Association for Environmental Educators, Environmental Education Materials: Guidelines for Excellence, Troy, OH: NAAEE, 1997.
The NAAEE which had been in existence for some time but didn't have a defined purpose, was selected to become the project for the '97 Education Conference and Expo.