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NAAFINavy, Army & Air Force Institutes (UK, a store for service members)
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When he returned to Britain, Gary resumed civilian status and left the NAAFI in 1983, becoming first a courier driver and then, as now, a cabbie.
Senior officers have hit the roof and the soldiers know this type of behaviour shouldn't be going on in the NAAFI in the barracks.
THE head of the Armed Forces' NAAFIs has earned a tasty PS2million in pay and bonuses for closing its canteens.
My father, Douglas James Edworthy, was the leading canteen assistant NAAFI on board and spent three and a half years in Japanese captivity.
The food, which will be baked by trained NAAFI staff and sold from a Greggs-branded counter, will cost the same as they do at any of Greggs' 1,600 UK stores.
Greggs will supply NAAFI, the forces' caterer, with frozen savouries at the British base in Gutersloh, Germany.
Hunter is a member of the NM Education Institute (MAE Apartment Careers Committee as well as the NAAFI Program Advisory Group.
I AM writing a book about women who served in the armed forces or the complementary/ancillary services such as the NAAFI or the WVS, during the Second World War, and I'm hoping your readers are willing to help with my research.
Bisexual Gordon MacGlashan, 45, who passed himself off as a padre, bought the 18-year-old Scot drink in a NAAFI in Basra.