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NAAGNational Association of Attorneys General
NAAGNATO Army Armaments Group
NAAGNational Academy of Artistic Gymnastics
NAAGNative American Advisory Group
NAAGNarre Warren ADSL Action Group
NAAGNational Association of Apple Geeks
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CRN is grateful for the opportunity to come together with other stakeholders at the NAAG meeting who want to put consumer safety first so we can arrive at a meaningful solution," she remarked.
IFA is actively engaged with numerous attorneys general groups, including NAAG, the Conference of Western Attorneys Generals, and both the Republican and Democratic Attorneys General Associations.
And now Tang is the one signing autographs after meets and thrilling the kids at NAAG when she goes back for a visit.
McKenna's new responsibilities at NAAG come as state attorneys general deal with a powerful industry: the nation's largest banks.
This peak also has contribution from protons of the dipeptide NAAG (27).
at 55), and Gevurtz, supra note 22, at 361 (arguing that manufacturers restrict competition among dealers in their products in order "to encourage provision of various services or other promotional efforts by [the] dealers--the incentive for which would be undermined if some dealers offered cut-rate prices while free-riding on the services or other promotional efforts of the higher priced dealers"), with NAAG GUIDELINES, supra note 48, [section] 3.
There are no NAAG competitor collaboration guidelines.
Our data indicate that NAAG, glutamate, NMDA, or carbachol markedly increase the delivery of glial [[H.
Fortunately, and because the Assembly accepted the NAAG recommendations for a more friendly and courteous approach in debate, the Presiding Officer is able to prevent the sort of antics which sometimes bring the Commons in to ill repute.
Besides, NAAG bow limbs on nearly all models are made to sit in the limb pockets enclosed in rubber, that not only absorbs the shock of release to make these bows preform better, but doubles to absorb vibrations and noise during a shot.
During the early 1980s, NAAG sponsored the Supreme Court project to assist the states in improving their advocacy.
In addition, during a meeting of the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) held in Boston last year, AHCA and NAAG made a commitment to work on a comprehensive national prevention effort.