NAAKNerve Agent Antidote Kit
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carbonTRACK has chosen Canada-based naak, Incorporated as its strategic partner with exclusive rights to market the carbonTRACK technology in the United States.
naak's collaboration with carbonTRACK, supplier of a global IoT cellular platform that is claimed to monitor, manage, and optimise energy savings, was announced at the Solar Power International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The arrested persons are Lt Commander (Retd) Muhammad Akram (Guard Tracker/Technologies), Muhammad Asif Irfan (Naak Track), Muhammad Luqman Farooq (Naak Track), Kharram Ali (Naak Track), Saeed Riaz (Naak Track), Rana Muhammad Nadeem (Pyramids Technologies), Khalid Masood Pal (Pyramids Technologies), Adil Mehmood (Trackco Cars Security Company), Naveed Khalid Butt (Guard Track Company), Muhammad Naeem Qureshi (Tharva Technologies Network), Mudassar Majeed Tharva Technologies Network) and Kamran Ahsan (Mak Vehicle Monitoring and Control Systems).
Many units arrived at the MS without their training MOPP/Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST) suits, M291 Personal Decontamination Kits, M295 Equipment Decontamination Kits, M256A 1 Trainer Kits, and NAAK Trainer Sets.
Seven years after signing an agreement with the province and federal government, Piikani First Nation members are seeing the first houses being built by its new housing corporation, Ky Naak Ku Kaan.
The film director Nonzee Nimibutr established an international reputation with his 1997 film 2499 -- anthaphaan khrong meuang [known in English by the title 'Daeng Bireley and the Young Gangsters'] and Naang Naak, made in 1999.
For this test the dukun used a slashing knife (dangol), thrust it into the ground and addressed (nanong) the spirit with the following words: "mun muyon naak ntalun Hi, kuo tarns dangol ti tibason kit te seralom tana lull.
Sy beskryf selfs 'n eksperiment met drie spieels waarin 'n lig weerkaats om die verskil in die kwaliteit en kwantiteit van lig te illustreer--dit alles omdat Dante se verstand "naak gelaat" is.
Figure 41 represents a naga (serpent) in human form as seen from the serpentine crown (mongkut yod naak).
The following short poem by Cussons, "Bedekte naak", can be seen as illustrative: "'n Gloed dra ek / tussen die wereld en my bloed / meer myne, meer eie aan my as enigiets / 'n sonder-naam / wat, om te vemietig / sou wees vemietiging van my: / o ondraaglike, tere, weerlose hemp van vlam" (Cussons, 1988:27).