NAALCNorth American Agreement on Labour Cooperation (North American Free Trade Agreement)
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Despite the obvious shortcomings of the NAALC and the almost unanimous rejection of the side accord by organized labour in NAFTA countries, some predicted its usefulness to organized labour while NAFTA was still in its infancy and while the NAALC had only begun to be utilized.
Respecto a las acciones de colaboracion, fueron directas, al proteger efectivamente al lider mexicano al darle asilo en Canada e interponer quejas formales ante la oit y en el marco del NAALC.
NAALC provides guiding labor principles, rather than minimum domestic-law standards, and therefore, the agreement does not require Canada, Mexico, or the United States to enact new legislation or amend existing legislation to comply with NAALC principles.
O movimento sindical dos tres paises tem tentado utilizar os procedimentos e instrumentos de avaliacao do NAALC [North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation, acima citado] para enfrentar o comportamento de certas EMNs [empresas multinacionais] apos a entrada em vigor do Nafta, mas afirmam que os resultados sao pobres devido ao carater voluntario do acordo e a complexidade de seu funcionamento.
The NAALC established a National Administrative Office, (NAO), which is now part of OTLA, the office designated to receive submissions under all the free trade agreement labor chapters.
The NAALC sets forth eleven guiding labor principles which Mexico, the United States, and Canada commit themselves "to promote, subject to each Party's domestic law.
The NAALC created a Commission for Labor Cooperation to monitor the implementation of the obligations agreed upon by the NAFTA signatories.
Uso de OAN en NAALC para tratar violaciones cometidas por companias transnacionales.
At a recent conference to evaluate the NAALC Mark Rowlinson, legal counsel for the United Steelworkers, presented a thorough review of the 23 complaints filed during the past seven years.
Torriente, The NAALC and the Labor Laws of Mexico and the United States, 14 ARIZ.
The original NAALC was criticized as toothless in the fast track debate.