NAALCNorth American Agreement on Labour Cooperation (North American Free Trade Agreement)
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responsibilities of the NAALC Secretariat include periodically preparing
The NAALC established a National Administrative Office, (NAO), which is now part of OTLA, the office designated to receive submissions under all the free trade agreement labor chapters.
The NAALC created a Commission for Labor Cooperation to monitor the implementation of the obligations agreed upon by the NAFTA signatories.
This research note covers three areas: (1) the procedures established in the NAALC to resolve labor disputes and to meet the promises of the preamble, (2) the status of the economies and labor disputes in the member nations, especially as it relates to trade-related jobs, and (3) the potential use of U.
In addition to addressing criticisms of the NAALC, this model resolves long-standing political debate within the United States Congress over the trade and labor standards linkage.
68) In response to international pressure from a case brought by Human Rights Watch under the NAALC, the government also officially discouraged private employers from engaging in pregnancy testing in hiring procedures.
With respect to occupational safety and health and minimum employment standards, the NAO notes that it has not received all the information necessary to draw conclusions on whether the Mexican government failed to meet its obligations under the NAALC.
domestic law, it can be argued that the authority of the international organizations created under NAFTA and the NAALC do just that.
88) The NAALC promises, inter alia, improved working conditions and living standards as economic productivity increases.
NAALC was a "side agreement" to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFFA), concluded in 1993.
The NAALC, along with the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation, complement the North American Free Trade Agreement.