NAAMSANational Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa
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This appears to be the case, with GMSA's reduction in sales last year less than the average recorded by NAAMSA, while its market share has increased by 0.
The automotive industry has transformed itself,' said BMW South Africa's managing director Ian Robertson, who is also NAAMSA president.
Looking forward, NAAMSA shares BMI's view that the near-term outlook for South African new vehicle sales remains challenging.
The focus therefore, for the time being, will be on total commercial vehicle sales," NAAMSA said in a statement.
Going forward, NAAMSA said the outlook for 2012 in terms of total industry sales remained one of modest growth.
Going forward, NAAMSA was less optimistic on the sales figures.
The recently released NAAMSA sales report further showed that the South African truck market delivered a surprising performance in 2010, increasing year-on-year sales by 16.
On Thursday the South African automobile manufacturers' association, NAAMSA, promptly released vehicle sales figures for November, a mere day after the month had ended.
The NAAMSA statistics also show that despite the relatively strong Rand, SA vehicle exports have remained robust which indicates higher demand in overseas markets.
For next year, NAAMSA expects the improvement in passenger car sales to reach 10% and commercial vehicles, an estimated 15%.
Total sales reported to NAAMSA for the first 11 months of 2008 are 20,7% lower than at the same period last year.
November 2008 NAAMSA reported new car sales at 20 128 units, reflected a decline of 9210 or 31.