NAAPSNavy Aerosol Analysis and Prediction System
NAAPSNational Association of Adult Placement Services (UK)
NAAPSNational Association of Asian Probation Staff (UK)
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Qualitative comparison of Operational NAAPS with the addition of VIIRS AOD: Case study during 23-28 June 2014.
Figure 6 compares the NAAPS dust model (AOD) output between the current operational version that uses MODIS aerosol optical thickness (AOT) for DA in the top-left panel and the addition of VIIRS AOT in the top-right panel.
Quantitative assessment of Operational NAAPS with the addition of VIIRS AOD.
NRL-MMD also processed and compared NAAPS AOD output with the combination of MODIS and the Enterprise VIIRS AOD datasets.
Several broad principles for building STI capacity emerged from the NAAPs and related work:
In addition to these broad general lessons of experience, the following specific recommendations emerged from the individual NAAPs:
Each NAAP attempts to answer three broad questions: What is Rwanda's current capacity?
(10) In total, the preparation of six NAAPs required 18 staff-months of consultant time over a five-month period from February to June, 2007.
(11) Instead of duplicating eRwanda's goals, the STI capacity-building program builds on the achievements of eRwanda (for example, many of the institutions targeted by eRwanda are the same institutions in which the NAAPs recommend building human and technical capacity).
[FIGURE 1.4 OMITTED] BOX 1.1 IMPROVING INSTITUTIONAL CAPACITY AND BUILDING AN INNOVATION CULTURE Implementing many of the recommendations in the six NAAPs will depend critically on the ability of Rwanda's research, training, and technology development institutions to perform their existing functions more efficiently and effectively while, at the same time, taking on new and more complex functions.
Once it became clear that the Bank was prepared to move ahead with a program of NAAPs, the Department for International Development (DFID) began work on a parallel program to improve the legal, regulatory, and institutional framework for science, technology, innovation, and research.