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Este estudo e parte do PELD MAUA (CNPq/FAPEAM) e contou com o financiamento do Pronex Tipologias Alagaveis Amazonicas (2007-2011), Edital universal CNPq 2007-2009; 2009-2011; 2011-2013, INCT ADAPTA (CNPq/FAPEAM), Agradecemos a Sammya Agra D'Angelo, Naara Ferreira da Silva, Pauline de Oliveira Pantoja, Aurelia Bentes Ferreira pelo auxilio na coleta e organizacao dos dados.
The prophetic accusation "Son and father go to the same maidservant (naara)" (Amos 2:7) may refer to this risk.
Non LD English: Air potato, Air yam, Bitter yam Euphorbia antiquorum Euphorbiaceae Naara seju Stem L., syn.
Ishq sayaasat ishq sayaadat isha hi vahadat ishq hi kasrat Isha hi naghma, ishq hi sargam, ishq hi naara, ishq hi parcham.
General Abdul Jalal Jalal, Kunar police chief told Pajhwok Afghan News the attack took place Friday night on a vehicle of a private road construction company responsible to construct the road of Ghaziabad- Naara districts.
Pitkanen (2001 : 57) derives the name Norike [na:rike] from the Finnish words naara 'grapnel; drag net', and joki.
The slogan for the event was--"IMA Ka Naara, TB Se Chutkara."
The lovely duo of Leanne & Naara, who won Best Pop Recording for "Run Run" was all glammed up as they went through their number.
The sky was jolted with the high slogans of 'Naara Takbeer, Allah Hu Akbar' by thousands of people of Sialkot including women, children, youngsters and the old men.
Kotli Raj Senior Superintendent Irfan Salim told the media that the ill-fated wagon was on way from Sailone village to Nikayal when it met the mishap by having been badly hit by a big landslide at Bag Naara, about 50 kilometres from district headquarters of Kotli while passing through the area of huge hilly terrain.
Also there are singer-songwriters Clara Benin, Reese Lansangan, Julianne Tarroja and Max Javelino, the acoustic acts of Leanne and Naara and I Belong to the Zoo.