NAASANational Asian American Society of Accountants (est. 2005)
NAASANational Association of Agricultural Supervisory Agencies (Alberta, Canada)
NAASANative American Art Studies Association (US and Canada)
NAASANational African American Speakers Association
NAASANational Accommodation Association of South Africa
NAASANetherlands Australian Aged Services Association (est. 1989; Australia)
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The album, released on October 22, didn't disappoint with 13 songs, among them are "Ahy Gat", "Atgah Wahed", "Ben Elbenen", "Tol Manta Baeed", "Aktablk Tahod", "Hata Naasa", "Ahlam Barya", "Fengan Elnesian", "Bakrah Elmosika" and "Bahab Aghany".
(9.) The panel took place during the 2003 conference of the Native American Art Studies Association (NAASA) and was entitled "Read Me: Text and Image in Contemporary Native American Art." The participants were Kate Morris, Rick Hill, Allan J.
Even within this type there is some variation in that small words such as and, of, or the may be either retained or omitted when making the acronym: thus "National Aeronautics and Space Administration" gives NASA (rather than NAASA), but "President of the United States" gives POTUS (never PUS).